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Your Driving Test

On the day of your driving test I recommend that you have a lesson the hour before your test and aim to get you there about 10 minutes early. If you want me as your instructor to sit in the back of the car during your test, make sure to tell your examiner when asked.


Please make sure you have the required documents with you - you'll need:


1.  Your Theory Test pass certificate.

2.  photocard of your valid, signed UK provisional driving licence.


Or, acceptable photographic proof of your identity if your licence is the old paper licence (the only acceptable photographic proof of identity now accepted is a current passport).


Once in the test centre waiting room your examiner will need to see your relevant documents (provisional “credit card” licence and will ask you to sign an insurance declaration to say that the car is insured for test use and a residence declaration to say you live at that address (if you decline to sign, your test will be terminated). When the examiner has checked your documents he will ask you to take him to your car (take your documents with you). Usually before you get to your car the examiner will ask you to read a number plate from a randomly chosen vehicle at a distance of 20.5 metres (if you're unable to read the plate correctly, your test will be terminated). When you get to your car the examiner will ask you two of the “show me tell” me questions. If you incorrectly answer one or both of the questions you will get one minor fault (this will not result in failure).


Next your examiner will ask you to get in the car and make yourself comfortable, he will walk round the car and join you in the passenger seat. He will then tell you "Throughout the test I'd like you to follow the road ahead at all times, unless road markings or road signs tell you otherwise. If I do want you turn, I will tell you in good time". The examiner will use the same terminology as your instructor, giving you plenty of notice. If at anytime you forget or don't understand any of the directions given by the examiner just ask!


During your test you will be expected to drive for about 37-40 minutes in various road situations, some of them will be at higher speeds possibly up to 70 Mph. You will also be asked to perform one of the reversing manoeuvres and you may also be asked to perform the Emergency Stop exercise. During a 20 minute spell in the test you will also have to "drive independently" by using sat nav for which your instructor will fully brief you on. If you have received the proper tuition you will adequately prepared to do what is asked.



How should I drive during the test? 


Drive in the way that your instructor has taught you. If you make a mistake, don't worry. It might be a minor mistake and may not affect your result. Your examiner will be looking for an overall safe standard. You won't fail for one minor mistake. Also whilst on your test don't look at the examiners test sheet keep focused on what you're doing.



Do examiners have pass/fail quotas?


Examiners do not have a quota for test passes or fails. If you demonstrate the standard required you will pass your test.



Can anyone accompany me on the test?


You can request that a friend or your instructor be present, but they must not interfere in any way.


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